I'm a voracious reader of fantasy novels, especially progression fantasy. So much so, that I decided to contribute to the literature. Wish me luck!

Manifestation 1: Soul Relic
Manifestation 2: Scion of Storms
Manifestation 3: Sanctuary
Manifestation 4: Shieldsmith

Book Reviews

For those loving progression fantasy and LitRPG, here are my latest reviews. More available here, of course! And if you want an fun flowchart to help pick your next story, here's one I made!


I've partnered with SuperDataScience to produce several high quality Python courses in the area of statistics and data manipulation.

Python for Statistical Analysis

Statistics and hypothesis testing using modern tools and workflows all in Python. For those that want to brush up on their statistics and analytics using modern tools and practical problems.

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Data Manipulation in Python

Data wranging with Pandas made fast, efficient, and easy. Learn how to manipulate, transform, aggregate, visualise, and summarise data using best practices.

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