1 Jun 2011, Samuel Hinton

Mood Bottle

The best gift is a hand made one. Hence some hand made mood lighting!

The image you see was sourced from a similar Instructibles that I recommend you check out.

Unfortunately, I can find no images of my own creation. It was made in 2011, in the basement of my grandparent’s house. The pictures I took were on an old phone, long since gone.

So, I’ll simply explain what I did, and hope I can find actual images in the future.

The recipe goes as follows:

  • One Midori Bottle
  • 5 Red LEDs
  • 5 Blue LEDs
  • Two 5mm switches
  • Wall adaptor with 5V female output
  • Relevant male connection for the above
  • 30 empty beer bottles
  • 1 Wooden Skewer
  • Some wire
  • Duct tape
  • Lots of heat shrink
  • Hint of epoxy

The instructions are simple.

  1. Throw all beer bottles ito a strong container, throw a blanket over the top, and then beat it to death with a sledgehammer. The idea is to reduce the glass to small shards.
  2. Solder the blue LEDs together serially, using heat shrink and duct tape to insulate them.
  3. Do the same for the red LEDs
  4. Wrap both LED strands around the wooden skewer. Tape firmly in place.
  5. Put on a mask, eye piece, grab some glass drill bits, and drill three 5mm holes in the Midori bottle near the base.
  6. Put the wooden skewer inside the Midori bottle, and feed the LED wire connections through the holes. Both ground wires through the middle hole, one power wire through each other hole, and then two wires from the central hole to the other holes (that will carry the power to the switches).
  7. Solder everything together. Male connector to switches to LEDs to ground (also male connector). Make sure its all heat shrinked for strength.
  8. Screw the switches into the bottle. Add a touch of epoxy to make sure they stay. Do the same for the wire connector, cement it in.
  9. Test the LEDs work.
  10. Slowly add the broken glass to the bottle (maybe clean broken glass first), and then put the lid back on.
  11. Gift wrap, and present.

Took a day or two, so fairly simple to make. I chose red and blue because purple was the receiver’s favourite colour (if not, Holly can correct me).