1 Jan 2015, Samuel Hinton

Overland Track - Tasmania

Hiking the Overland Track.

After uni was over one year, Julia told me she was thinking of doing the overland track in Tasmania. I had heard good things about the track, and so I decided to tag along!

I got some army rations off my mate Chris, and bought a ton of food from the store, loaded up some clothes and tools, threw them in my hiking back pack, and off we went.

The initial climb and day was marred by wet weather, but still offered some great views.

The rain continued for several days, periodically turning into sleet when it could summon the will power. It did make for some good photos and plenty of drinking water as we went.

After camping out in one of the huts long enough to dry, we headed off again, this time down hill into the rainforest.

After a roller coaster ride of hills, mountains, plateaus, valleys and streams, the weather decided to clear. And that day it clearer was the day we got the opportunity to take a diversion and climb Mt. Ossa, Tasmania’s tallest mountain. It took us a while, but we made it to the top and even had it all to ourselves.

Always the photographer, Julia insisted we try and get pictures of ourselves, which just seems odd to me. But she got her wish.

We left before it got dark, and made it to the next hut. A few more days of hiking through steadily drying rain forests we made it to the final lake to catch the sunset.

We then caught the ferry over the lake to the stop on the otherside and jumped on a bus back to Hobart, ending our hike.