8 Jul 2016, Samuel Hinton

LBNL - California

LA, San Francisco, Berkeley and Yosemite.

In the Australian summer of 2016 I went to study at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs for a couple of months with Alex Kim, working on my Bayesian model for supernova cosmology.

It was a very productive time, but that isn’t what this page is about; this page is about what I got up to outside of work.

The first thing to do when near San Francisco is to go to the Golden Gate Bridge. And of course, it was foggy.

A bit beyond the bridge is the Muir Woods with the giant redwoods. Definitely check it out if you have the chance. Here’s one of about a million photos I took over there.

But perhaps better than that was Yosemite, which was truly fantastic.

Even the local wildlife couldn’t get over the natural beauty of the place.

I was on a 3-day Green Tortoise bus tour (highly recommended), and after Yosemite we got to visit other places, one a nice, sulphury hot spring. Some of the other places (such as Halfdome, below) are truly idyllic.

Whilst nothing could top that tour, Santa Monica was nice too, albeit absolutely filled with people playing Pokemon Go, which had come out the week before I flew in.