Uluru Astronomer in Residence

1 Oct 2016, Samuel Hinton

A week of being CAASTRO Astronomer in Residence at Uluru.

I highly recommend this experience to all other CAASTRO students. I was only at Ayers Rock Resort for a week and enjoyed myself immensely. The time you have to talk to the general public, play educational games with the kids, answer interesting questions at the AstroTours and take your own pictures of the night sky makes it a great experience.

I was an emergency replacement, hence why I went for one week and not two, however one week was plenty of time to settle into a comfortable routine focused on public outreach. I managed to get a couple of nice shots of the Milky Way and the Southern Cross.

Then one night it clouded over and the astro tour was cancelled, which meant I was put to the Field of Light tour to answer any possible questions. But the clouds stifled any questions, and so I got to simply wander. Which was nice.

I gave a public lecture on black holes and our methods of finding them too, which was fun!