8 Feb 2017, Samuel Hinton

Japan Winter Holiday

Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakuba, Sapporo and Otaru

It’s good to get away sometimes.

Especially good if you make sure you don’t bring a laptop - no sneaky working during a holiday!

So in January 2017, I went to Japan. First stop, Mt Fuji.

After Fuji, straight to Kyoto. We went to a few of the shrines, the Silver and Golden Palaces, and the Fushimi Inari Shrine.

I didn’t quite realise how big the Fushimi Inari Shrine was - its not just one or two arches, there are kilometers of them.

We finished up in Kyoto, and travelled back to Tokyo for a day or two of sightseeing, first going to the (free) government tower and then to the Tokyo Dome with its shops and amusement rides.

Then off to skiing! Train to Nagano, bus to Hakuba, and we had the good luck of it snowing the first night we got there, giving us some beautiful snow to ski on in the morning.

A few days later, and we had had enough snow, so we went to the Sapporo Snow Festival. Unfortunately, we timed the trip wrong, and the snow and ice sculptures started being made and unveiled the day after we left. So we took a side trip to Otaru, which also had a winter festival, feature canal lights and lighting up a derelict railway with snow sculptures.

From Otaru, back to Sapporo, then Tokyo, and then back home.

Was a welcome break from work, but boy was the backlog of emails a slog to go through!