Pint of Science 2017

15 May 2017, Samuel Hinton

Turns out drinking and science is a winning combination for a lot of people. Shocking!

During the week of the 14th of May there were a host of Pint of Science events presented in Brisbane. Josh and I did one together - Josh presented a talk Dark matter, what's the matter?, where he talked about the dark universe, and potential candidates for dark matter. I gave a talk The Brightest Fireworks in the Universe - on supernovae, their lives, deaths and role in the universe.

These are apparently hot topics, as we sold out the room, reorganised to fit more people, and then sold out again! And whilst it was good to know so many people were interested, it was also intimidating to know that there were now well over a hundred people in the Loft with the sole purpose of listening to us speak!

Luckily, it went well (apart from an attempted sabotage by Microsoft), and I look forward to next time the event is run in Brisbane!