Battle of the Brains

13 Aug 2017, Samuel Hinton

Two teams of scientists battle to make the biggest fools of themselves.

As part of The Science Nation's National Science Week set of activities, I was given the opportunity to participate in Battle of the Brains! Andrew Stephenson hosted the event, and kept the six guest scientists neatly in line throughout the event.

We set up on stage, I of course didn't speak into the microphone correctly, and an audience member came up and adjusted it mid-sentence to much laughter.

It was a great night where I got nearly every question wrong! The highlight was the final question Steveo put to each team:

How many breaths of air are there on the planet?

This is Fermi problem, and I'm happy to report that, rounded to the nearest magnitude, both panels came to exactly the same answer: \(10^{23}\). Which, surprisingly, is the correct one!