12 Sep 2017, Samuel Hinton

Making Taipan's Logo

In all its serpentine glory

I think a good way to not get burnt out coding and doing math 24/7 a day is to do some more creative work to break the monotony.

Or perhaps I am simply bad at saying “No!”

The moral of the story is that I took over makign the Taipan logo for the Taipan survey. The original art was all done in green, and I thought - given the lack of green colouring in many astronomical surveys, and given the snake is vaguely green(ish brown), sure, sounds good! Two original pieces of art went into the mix, an ouroboros was requested, and then one in which the snake could have a texture. Not a fan of texturing logos (except if its low poly art), but hey, I can scribble something out!

So four options went out.

B didn’t make the cut, and D was scrapped for obvious reasons. New request - lets put some structure in the background and see how that goes. Also, turns out green was not wanted, blue it is! Easy change.

Wit the cosmic web in the background we had two options - a more realistic trace of actual cosmic webs (left) or a stylised version (right). I pushed for the stylised version as cleanliness is important, especially with a logo that might take only a small amount of screenspace.

At this point I requested we pick either A or C and continue from there. I definitely don’t want to duplicate effort! We locked in C with a few provisos (rotate the snake, shrink it down a bit, remove the inner dark blue band), and then after a few more iterations most people were happy with the logo graphic itself. Which mean its time for fun font options.

Nasalisation, Myriad Pro, Ubuntu and a few others, and it was close between T1 and T4. T4 won out in the end, with font size S0 requested. The final consideration we needed to give was what to do with a dark background. Inverting the text colour is simple, but the logo… well I tested inverting the border. It did not look good. Tested various shades of gray. Even worse. Add a white stroke around it… well… it’s not too bad. So lock it in!

Which means at the end of the day, we now have the final Taipan logo. I exported PNG, SVG and PDF. However, I expect only the PNG versions will ever be seen. I’ll include the SVG below so I can say it was used at least once, though as of writing this Chrome still has some odd anti-aliasing for SVG that makes the PNG look smoother. Still, the SVG is only 12KB, that’s pretty good!