readr 2017

14 Dec 2017, Samuel Hinton

Spreading some open-source love to undergraduate students

Nearing the tail end of the year I got a wonderful opportunity to expand the work I had been doing with my coding workshops to also take them to the 2017 readr retreat. readr - a research education and development retreat - is open to all undergraduate physics students in Australia, not just astrophysics students.

I had to trim a lot of content as I went from a whole day workshop to a three hour block with breaks included. I was very uncertain I would manage to fit the amount of content left in the allocated time, but for once I got lucky and literally finished on the dot.

One of the activities involved me showing some code, and letting the students spend five minutes figuring out what on Earth it did, and then another five minutes trying to figure out everything wrong with it. You can see the follow-up slide in the image below, highlighting all the issues I deliberately wrote in.

Yes, I do classify still using Python 2 as a critical issue in your code.

The session went really well, I am happy to report. And then after the session the kangaroos came out for an evening graze near our cabins.

I am also very bad at slacklining.