23 Jan 2018, Samuel Hinton

Glowing Galton Board

Wanted to get some experience with Blender, this seemed like a good way!

It’s been years since I last tried out 3D modelling and simulations. And given how crushing my PhD workload is at this point in time, I realised I needed something on the side to distract me so that my project didn’t consume all of my life.

So, after seeing the constant posts about Blender on Reddits /r/simulated sub, I decided to give it a go. Following the current hot topic (so that if anything went wrong there would be plenty of people able to help out), I decided to go with a classic Galton board simulation. And to visually distinguish mine from the others, I decided to throw rending time out the window and have each ball become a light emitter rather than having an external emitter lighting the scene.

I had to decrease the number of spheres in the scene so my computer wouldn’t catch fire, but I’m fairly happy with the final output. Here are three stills to illustrate the point, after the all important video!