29 May 2019, Samuel Hinton

Talking about machine learning in astronomy and how its made our lives so much better!

During the school shutdown during the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia, Education Queensland partnered with Channel 10 to produce the Coding@Home series - a series of episodes available for free on TenPlay about introducing code, concepts and all the ways you can use coding in your life.

I reached out about my experiences with coding in astrophysics, and we recorded a short segment focused on machine learning, and how it has improved the lives of the average astronomer by a huge amount.

No more trawling through photographic plates by eye inspecting hundreds of thousands of objects in the night sky - now we simply get a computer to do the heavy lifting and provide us with the interesting stuff without all the stuff we don't care about!

If you're curious, and are reading this in 2020, here's the link, but note it will expire by the end of 2020 unfortunately!