Space Birthdays

2 Aug 2019, Samuel Hinton

Because once just isn't enough.

Click here to demo it.

The Python in Astronomy 2019 conference was I think the best I've ever been to. Not because of the food or location, but because of the 'unconference' sessions and the hacking that we get to do.

I wandered around during a lot of the hacks, spread between the code review hack, the MCMC exploration hack, attempting to get PRISM to run, and then also working with a group on getting a website to look at your space birthdays. You can see their initial prototype here, and I decided to intrude and throw it up on a boostrapped site and write some javascript to make it all fancy.

I've attached a screenshot of it below in case the main demo site comes down, but really, don't look at the screenshot, go to the site. And then save the events to a new calendar so that you can pester your friends for extra birthday gifts.