The Impeccable Adventure of the Reluctant Dungeon

Good read, tiny quibbles.

Dungeon-core + adventurer hybrid story with an impulsive and overpowered MC.


A dungeon’s sleep is never easy.

After getting reincarnated as a dungeon, Theodor thought he’d finally get some rest and relaxation. That changed when a bumbling old hero stumbled into him and died, making Theodor the target of adventurers everywhere.

Masquerading as a house in the small town of Rosewind, Theo must now do whatever it takes to remain unnoticed… even if it means creating an avatar to interact with people or go on a mission set by the annoying Earl Rosewind!

Follow the adventures of a dungeon dragged out of its own body on an adventure it never wished to be a part of.


As of writing this, I’ve read all 40 published chapters (book one and a bit into book two).

I was recommended this story from the world-renown ASIC, who many of us would have seen around on the LitRPG and ProgressionFantasy subs reviewing ten thousand different books.

It was a fun read, to watch Theodor drive his dungeon spirit helper almost mad with his inane requests, his behaviour entirely unlike how a dungeon is expected to behave, and his sheer, smooth-brained impulsivity. I guess that might be a common turn off, so for those who want a min-maxer MC, or one who is cool, calm, collected and highly analytics, this is not for you.

But for those who want an MC who doesn’t wait to think things through, who follows his gut or whatever thought flickers through their peanut-sized mind and enjoys reading the chaos that unfolds from these characters, dig in.

Our MC gains huge power in the opening chapter, when he gets millions of core points from the adventurer mentioned in the blurb. Desparate to hide, he has his dungeon spirit use the core points to grant him the ability to teleport. The spirit suggests the bottom of the ocean for peace and quiet, but Theodor decides that the centre of a small town filled with people is far superior. “No one would expect it!” So, with that room-temperature-IQ move establishing how Theo thinks through problems, the story gets going.

Who would have thought that teleporting in a dungeon as a manor building out of thin air wasn’t subtle? That the nobility ruling the town wouldn’t notice such an event? Everything Theodor does to try and get to a state of undisturbed peace and quiet simply makes things worse, embroils him in bigger conflicts, and spreads his renown far and wide.

By abusing the huge mana reserves of a dungeon, Theodor can do some pretty OP things that managed to be both absolute bullshit (from the perspective of an in-world hero) and also hilarious. I won’t say more, but if you want to read some absolute shenanigans, the stories got a good 500 pages right now (2024-06-22), so this would be a fun weekend read.