How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps

B: Great read with some quibbles.

A love letter to Zelda, this story is a humorous LitRPG take on if an actual video game story came to life.

Let’s preface this real quick: this book is a short and fun read. It is not a sweeping fantasy series, it is not a classic zero-to-hero progression fantasy. It is a love letter to Zelda and other games, making fun of many video game tropes by highlighting just how ridiculous and obvious many are.

The main character finds a way to inventively use their class (A Bag Mage) to break various game systems. Her companion, Ken Sei (get it), provides the traditional foil to her unconventional approaches. Their goal is to defeat the Demon King (you’ve probably guessed this), and to do it they have a laundry list of items, equipment, companions, and secondary quests that traditionally need to be completed.

I won’t go into more detail here, because the specific plot points and characters aren’t the focus of the story. It’s a hundred and sixty pages, took me about two hours to read, so if you want a super casual, light-hearted book to consume in one sitting on a long train ride, plane flight, or lazy Sunday morning, check it out.